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We Unite the Cannabis Industry

BudLink™ unifies wholesale, retail, and consumers uniquely inside one mobile app network. This saves time, money, and streamlines everyone’s efforts. Join thousands who have discovered all they need is BudLink™.

Experience The Power of BudLink™ From Your Phone or Tablet

Take Control with Your own App

Apps and platforms are powerful provide you control them. With your own app we put you directly in the driver’s seat.
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Raise Your Hand If You Have Been in Social Media Jail

By now we all know free isn’t always good. BudLink™ puts you in control of your own social community allowing you to freely communicate without agendas from big tech.

We Have a Marketplace for That

It seems only fitting to consolidate all we need into one mobile app. BudLink™ offers both wholesale and retail Amazon style marketplaces.

Tired of platform hopping? We hear you.

Our conveniently located marketplaces are dynamic and free to access or register for directly from your app dashboard. Weather you just ran out of your favorite product, or your retail store needs to replenish stock from your vendors, BudLink™ makes it simple and efficient.

We Bet You Have Some Questions?

How do I get BudLink™?
Consumers enjoy free unlimited access by installing and registering for the app.
How do I own an App on BudLink™?
Unless you have an invitation app owners start with a free 30-day trail followed by a month-to-month subscription
Is BudLink™ available in my state? We are currently accepting and inviting app owners in 37 states.
Who can be an app owner?
We consider anyone providing a service to the cannabis industry qualified for their own app on BudLink™
Do business listings cost & how do I get my business listed or edited?
Company listings are free, unlike other older platforms. All you need to do is complete the following form to have yours created or edited.

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