Our Story

Michael Slosar, our Founder and CEO began developing his vision to make complex mobile application features available to the SMB markets in late 2014. Mr. Slosar’s approach led our parent company (Develapp®) to build a highly flexible and customizable micro application network. This custom framework promotes a feature set for every micro application owner to achieve a successful result, while having freedom, and not having to endure the expense of developing or maintaining a stand-alone application.
In 2020 during the pandemic, Mr. Slosar was introduced to the Cannabis industry to help a family member with medical issues. During this time, he saw the overwhelming power of the Cannabis plant, and the science behind it. Mr. Slosar also saw the technology pain most businesses where facing, and the lack of willingness from corporate America to engage fairly with Cannabis businesses. After several months of research, network building, and seeing his loved one getting their life back, Mr. Slosar decided to act. After all, his team had been building and refining their software for over 6 years.
In April of 2021, BudLink™ was born. Being a Texas based company, he set his sights on the Oklahoma medical market, and rapidly started rolling out network updates by listening to actual business owners and their challenges. Today, BudLink™ is expanding east and west of Oklahoma working with multi state operators, brands, and single location operators from both the wholesale and retail side.
The passion and awareness that Mr. Slosar has for the Cannabis industry continues to drive the company forward. In April of 2022, one year after entering the market BudLink™ released BudLink Basic, which allows anyone to receive a micro app with a social network built in. The importance of freedom to educate is greater than anyone can imagine, which is why the community and topic walls in BudLink Basic allow the micro app owner to control their engagement without the risk of bots or moderators, as every micro app owner is the moderator of their micro app.
As BudLink™ looks to the future, our passion to provide flexible worthwhile solutions and forging strategic partnerships with others in the industry who share our same passion, is our focus. We feel that the best software comes from listening to the ones needing or using it. Customer experience is key and drives our development focus every day. At BudLink™ the best is yet to come.


Michael Slosar

Michael Slosar

CEO / Founder

Kyle Pope

Kyle Pope

Vice President

John Eltringham

John R Eltringham

General Counsel /
VP Business Development


Scott Brandt

Scott Brandt

Executive Advisor -

Michael Slosar


Michael Slosar is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience to his credit. He co-founded his first company in 1998, a web design and hosting firm that helped businesses create and maintain their very first websites in the pre-WordPress era. In the years after he helped launch a number of other ventures, including a computer peripherals company focused on bringing one of the first backlit keyboards to market, as well as a custom automotive restoration and fabrication company.

In 2006, Michael and his wife relocated from Seattle to Dallas to start a family. With hardly any contacts in the area, he pursued his real estate license with hopes it would expose him to connected and accomplished people. As fate would have it, one these individuals wound up being Joe Mitchell, with whom he co-founded Develapp in 2014.

Happily married to his high school sweetheart, Michael and his wife have two boys and two dogs. He enjoys all things automotive, golfing, hunting and grilling. With his family descending from Croatia and his wife Native American, the Slosar family enjoys mapping out its genealogy and finding ways to get involved in its respective communities.

Kyle Pope


Kyle Pope brings decades of entrepreneurial skills to the BudLink team. He is highly skilled in all areas of the Cannabis industry. Some of Mr. Pope’s experiences include Mother Care, Cloning, Vegetative Processes, Flowering Processes, Harvesting, Scheduling, Drying, Curing, Packaging, Sales, Brand Creation, Marketing, Design, Seed to Sale Tracking, Facilities Maintenance, and Client/Customer Success.

Additionally, Mr. Pope is a pioneer in Photomorphogenesis, which he applied in Oregon when managing Artisan Grown Cannabis. Mr. Pope was featured on Canna Cribs Deep Roots Season 1 Episode 3, where they reviewed the success of two strains he grew. His Sweet Melissa stain had multiple crops with tests over 40% THC (Delta9 THCA 46.8%) and a Bruce Banner strain with multiple tests over 34% THC (Delta9 THCA 39.0%).

Prior to Mr. Pope’s career in lighting and Cannabis, he was a United States Marine and served with the 8th Bulk Fuel, a reserve unit in Phoenix AZ. He was called up for duty in Desert Shield and Desert Storm on December 4th 1990.

M. Alejandro Solis


As senior technology engineer, M. Alejandro Solis maintains and updates Develapp’s site and handles the back-end code of its many workflows. He has decades of experience in information technology and is proficient in Java, C, C++, Python, PHP, C# and some SQL database languages. Mr. Solis entered the workforce at 18 as an operator at a local call center. He quickly climbed the ladder to become the company’s IT manager. As IT manager, he was responsible for the physical maintenance of the server room, installing and updating Linux and Windows servers and updating the network’s infrastructure.

In addition to his work with Develapp, Mr. Solis is a professor at his alma mater, where he’s dedicated to helping students pursue their passions in a professional capacity. His other interests include spending time with his young son and playing video games — particularly single-player games where he can immerse himself in the stunning visuals.

John R. Eltringham


John R. Eltringham is Develapp’s general counsel. A Washington native, his legal background includes two decades of transactional business, litigation and trial experience. Additionally, he has served as corporate/general counsel for a range of established and start-up companies with a focus on exotic car businesses and rallies.

Mr. Eltringham boasts experience in corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, commercial leases, commercial litigation and intellectual property, as well as civil and criminal misdemeanor and felony traffic and non-traffic matters. In 2002, John oversaw the acquisition of Dicom Imaging Systems by Reality Networks, Inc., as Interim Sole Officer and Director, reviewing all documents filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, drafting and reviewing the PPM, and maximizing shareholder return on investment.

When John is not in the courtroom or boardroom he can often be found behind the wheel of an exotic sports car. A certified gearhead, he appeared in Season 1 of the popular SPIKE/SpeedTV BULLRUN rally TV series and can also be found in several DVD movies based on car rallies released by Mischief (mischief.tv).

John earned his law degree from the Seattle University School of Law in 1997

Scott Brandt


Scott Brandt boasts 30+ years of experience in architecting and implementing solutions. He has worked with distributed systems throughout his career, primarily with real-time embedded systems and near-real-time data collection and delivery.

In addition to his role as Develapp CTO, Mr. Brandt is CEO of CompSci, LLC, a Technology Services and Product Development company that provides insights and strategies to its clients by simplifying industry jargon and pulling back the curtain on the “magic” of applied solutions. Prior to founding CompSci, LLC., he served as President of MentorTek, Inc, which provided product development services with service in FinTech, IoT and Distributed Applications. He’s also served as VP of Engineering at Positive Software Systems and held a number of different roles in the telecommunications industry.

In addition to furthering his knowledge about technologies, Scott enjoys reading and playing golf. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from the University of North Texas.